• Sherpa Summit, event organized by Sergofi
  • Panda Kick-Off 2015, event organized by Sergofi
  • Sua Tech Meeting 2014, event organized by Sergofi
  • Congreso Nacional de PodologĂ­a 2010, event organized by Sergofi
  • Congreso Nacional de PodologĂ­a 2007, event organized by Sergofi

We support the organization of your event in the Basque Country

Know us

equipo de Sergofi
The management and staff at Sergofi is made up of highly qualified and enthusiastic people with great experience in new technologies.
Grupo Sergofi
As Sergofi Group, your DMC in the Basque Country, we have our own travel agency: Bitravel.
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Bilbao Convention Bureau
Since it was founded, Sergofi has been a member of the Bilbao Convention Bureau, a public institution that is responsible for the promotion and support of professional events held in Bilbao.
Sergofi Group is member of the Basque Association of PCOs
Sergofi Group is member of the Basque Association of PCOs, which includes the 8 main companies dedicated to the professional organization of events in the Basque Country.
ISO 9001
Sergofi has a quality system certified by the IAC under the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard.
Red de Empresas para el Desarrollo (RED)
We engage in social and education projects through RED, the Companies for Development Network.



Mikeldi Uribe-Etxebarria

Events coordinator and CEO of Sergofi

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Maribel Montero

Responsible of events and design


She is responsible of events in Sergofi since 2008. Previously, she worked as assistant to the CEO in many events. BA in Advertising and Public Relations. She has a good command of English and Euskara.

Her strong points are communication and graphic design, specially for web. She has an academic qualification as e-Business Technician.

Organizing an Event...

    ...is without a doubt a showcase of recognition for the organizers, and therefore should have the guarantee of precise succes.

  • ...is a decision that involves a complex planning, coordination, administration and contracting of multiple elements.
  • ... is a significant investment in time and money, which needs to be optimized.